Am I a Self-Sovereign Identity system?

It can be challenging to decide if a Digital Identity system is a Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) system or a central Digital Identity system. The question “Am I a SSI system?” can be tricky to answer.

Providers claiming their solution is SSI based, and of course use Blockchain – never let go a buzzword. The claim cannot be proofed, there is no assessment framework and no standard definition for a SSI system.

Even if a solution is based on “SSI” open source frameworks like Hyperledger Indy, it is not said that it is a SSI system. A single “short cut” in the implementation and all self-sovereignty is gone. SSI principles can be weakened because of technology limitations or process requirements. And sometimes claimed SSI solutions are not even close to SSI or even Identity.

A simple, yes it is SSI, is not enough. There are blurry lines and differences in implementations. The answer, NO it is not a SSI solution, is easier because there are certain KO criteria’s.

So how you can make an assessment? The question is bothering me for some month.

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